Financial incentives are a key factor in determining your business location. BCU will guide you through various state and local funding opportunities with favorable rates and negotiable terms to customize an incentive package that will reduce start-up costs and help your company grow competitively without putting a strain on your bottom line.

Here are just a few of the reasons why doing business in Battle Creek, Michigan can work for you:

  • Financial incentives are available based on job creation and investment
  • Direct Investment Fund (available within the City of Battle Creek) may provide financial support up to $750,000 within the Economic Development Fund or $250,000 within the Downtown Development Authority Fund at competitive rates and flexible terms.
  • Customized training incentives to support new and existing jobs
  • Special incentives may be available for investments in Fort Custer Industrial Park based on project parameters funds may be used for property acquisition, site improvements, relocation cost, and infrastructure
  • Free start-up space available
  • Michigan's overall Business Tax climate is ranked 13th in the nation
  • Real Property Tax Abatement (PA 198) can reduce property tax by 50% (up to 12 years) for manufacturers and high-tech businesses
  • No personal property tax or sales tax on nearly all capital equipment
  • Michigan is a Right-to-Work state


The Direct Investment Fund’s primary purpose is to stimulate economic growth and support direct job creation/retention in the City of Battle Creek. The Direct Investment Fund is used to support the economic development objectives of the City of Battle Creek and its designated economic development agencies.

The Direct Investment Fund is a gap financing measure primarily used for the development and expansion of small businesses. A key objective of the Direct Investment Fund is to provide financial support and/or to enhance financial support to eligible businesses, especially those that may not otherwise have access to traditional financing resources. The Direct Investment Fund exists to supplement and leverage, rather than compete with, private, non-profit and public sector financial support.  All loans require collateral and the personal guaranty of the primary owner/co-owners. The Direct Investment Fund does not participate in equity investment or make grants.

A Direct Investment Fund committee exists and is responsible for the review of applications and determination of provisions for financial support following due diligence conducted by Battle Creek Unlimited staff. The final decision for funding is determined by a majority vote of a quorum of the Direct Investment Fund committee. Contact Brenda Whited for additional information.


  • Business plan with pro forma income and expense detail
  • Application form and historical financial information (2-3 years), if applicable
  • Copies of income tax statements
  • Personal financial statements
Authorization to conduct a background and credit check is also a requirement of all applicants.

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