Quick Facts About Battle Creek

Battle Creek offers a 3,000-acre industrial park that is home to more than 80 companies, including 25 international businesses. Fort Custer Industrial Park offers low land prices with hundreds of available acres, including at the adjacent Battle Creek Executive Airport at Kellogg Field. This includes shovel-ready sites and established infrastructure.

Companies choose Battle Creek because of the size of our immediate workforce, and that of surrounding communities. Area employers can pull from an approximate workforce of 740,000 people who are part of a population of over 1.9 million within a one-hour commute and 60-mile radius, respectively. The average commute for those working in Battle Creek is about 20 minutes.

3,000 Acre Industrial Park

80+ Companies
25 International Companies
13,000+ Employees

1.9 Million Person Workforce

135,000 Calhoun County residents
53,000 in City of Battle Creek
Workforce of 740,000+ within 1-hour

Key Industries

Automotive/OEM & Supply Chain
Aviation & Defense
Food & Beverage
Logistics & Services
Energy Storage

Key industry sectors are diverse, which provide opportunities for workforce training & development, diversification, and collaboration among all businesses here in Battle Creek and beyond.

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