BCU Adopts New Strategic Plan for 2018-2023

PRESS RELEASE, August 27, 2018

Plan identifies key growth sectors and attraction strategy

Battle Creek, Mich – Battle Creek Unlimited (BCU) released a new plan for the organization’s next five years. BCU’s strategic plan spells out how the organization will prioritize its human & capital resources and outlines specific metrics by which success will be measured. By July 2023, BCU’s goal is to generate $250 million in new capital investment in Battle Creek and create 750 new jobs paying an average of $17 per hour.

The strategic plan was developed with input from BCU staff and board members, as well as members of the Battle Creek business community. The plan addresses industries with deep roots in Battle Creek while also including new sectors which leverage the region’s strengths. The new plan identifies five key growth industries:

  • Automotive/OEM Supply Chain
  • Aviation/Defense
  • Food/Beverage
  • Logistics/Services
  • Energy Storage

The document discusses Battle Creek’s strategic advantages, including its location, cost of living, existing company base and history of successfully attracting investment. BCU calls special attention to the role the military and the federal government play in Battle Creek. As a part of the Strategic Plan, BCU acknowledges the importance of workforce development and community development. The plan also emphasizes BCU’s commitment to partner with the City of Battle Creek, the Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce, the public schools and other community organizations.

BCU President & CEO Joe Sobieralski said, “Since 1972, BCU has had unparalleled success attracting companies and creating jobs in Battle Creek. Today the Fort Custer Industrial Park is the largest facility of its kind in Michigan and is home to more than 80 companies employing over 13,000 people. Our new strategic plan will continue this tradition of growth while expanding BCU’s focus to include next-generation technologies like drones and batteries. We also recognize the need for greater engagement on issues like housing, education, workforce, and placemaking – all of which are pillars of comprehensive economic development. BCU will deploy its resources to make Battle Creek a vibrant community.”

John Gallagher, Chair of the BCU’s Board of Directors said, “The BCU board is very pleased with the BCU strategic plan. It offers a unique blend of our winning strategy along with practical knowledge of the Battle Creek Unlimited success story.  The board is also very proud of the entire BCU staff for their team effort in putting this plan together.  Clearly, this will be an outstanding tool for the growth of Battle Creek.”

Download a copy of our Strategic Plan here.


About Battle Creek Unlimited
Established in 1972, BCU is a private, non-profit corporation which serves as the economic development arm for the City of Battle Creek and manages the Fort Custer Industrial Park.  The Fort Custer Industrial Park is home to over 80 businesses, including 25 international companies, and employs over 13,000 people. BCU’s mission is to build a strong community by driving strategic investment and job creation.

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Battle Creek Unlimited


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