Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Battle Creek Unlimited (BCU) is pleased to share its new five-year Strategic Plan. The BCU Board of Directors and staff are excited to launch the next chapter of economic development in Battle Creek. For over 45 years, BCU has had a rich history of bringing jobs and investment to the Battle Creek community. During that time, BCU diversified the local economy, creating over 13,000 jobs and attracting over 80 companies with a strong emphasis on foreign direct investment (FDI), especially from Japan. This Strategic Plan is a pivot for BCU, building on past successes while also positioning the community for future growth.

This document prioritizes the focus and resources, human and capital, of BCU for the next five years. The Strategic Plan charts a course, for both the Board of Directors and BCU staff, to execute a vision that will lead to additional jobs and investment in the City of Battle Creek through 2023. This plan addresses industries with deep roots in Battle Creek, in which new technologies and business models will generate new opportunities. It also addresses emerging technologies and how they can complement the Battle Creek region. The Strategic Plan is crafted to be nimble, which will allow BCU to adjust and tackle future opportunities as they arise, leading to improved quality of life for Battle Creek residents.

BCU will focus on the following growth sectors: Automotive and OEM Supply Chain; Aviation and Defense; Food and Beverage; Logistics and Services; and Energy Storage. The strategy to grow these industries in Battle Creek includes reaching out to both foreign and domestic companies. To ensure that we can meet the needs of these growth sectors, BCU is committed to working with local partners to grow and develop the regional workforce. These efforts will lead to increased vibrancy and quality of life in Battle Creek.

Unique in the Strategic Plan is the intentional overlap between economic development, community development, and workforce development, along with the call to raise private capital. BCU understands the vital role each contributes to improving the overall economic climate and community vibrancy; as such, BCU will take a lead role on these specific initiatives as necessary.

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